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THE NEXT WAVE: An Anthology of 21st Century Canadian Poetry, ed. Jim Johnstone

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The next wave of emerging Canadian poetry

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ISBN-13: 978-1-926794-70-9
$24.95 CDN / $21.95 US | Trade Paperback
May 2018

Mercurial and modern, The Next Wave is an output-based anthology of 21st century Canadian poetry. Curated by Jim Johnstone, it features 40 early-to-mid-career Canadian writers selected from a diverse range of national and international presses. While The Next Wave surveys poets from across Canada, its contributors are the product of a global mindset—a distinct generation of writers characterized by the variety of their formal and aesthetic choices. Gathered into an anthology that is pertinent as well as predictive, each of the poets in The Next Wave is proof of a re-invigorated national literature. The Next Wave contains over 150 poems from writers who have published exclusively in the new century.

Featuring poets:

 Jordan Abel • James Arthur • Billy-Ray Belcourt • Linda Besner • Shane Book • Suzanne Buffam • Mark Callanan • Chad Campbell • Dani Couture • Kayla Czaga • Sadiqa de Meijer • Joe Denham • Raoul Fernandes • Autumn Getty • Jason Guriel • Leah Horlick • Liz Howard • Stevie Howell • Amanda Jernigan • Aisha Sasha John • Evan Jones • Sonnet L’Abbé • Ben Ladoucer • Jeff Latosik • Canisia Lubrin • Nyla Matuk • Jacob McArthur Mooney • Sachiko Murakami • Alexandra Oliver • Soraya Peerbaye • James Pollock • Michael Prior • Damian Rogers • Johanna Skibsrud • Souvankham Thammavongsa • Nick Thran • Daniel Scott Tysdal • Sheryda Warrener • Ian Williams • Catriona Wright

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