Summertime Swamp Love



Patricia Young

ISBN-13: 978-1-926794-20-4
$18.95 CDN / $17.95 US | Trade Paperback
April 2014

this new collection, Patricia Young shifts her creative attention to the mating habits of animals, birds, fish and insects. With a sense of awe and bemusement, the poems in this collection address, embody and sometimes become the animals through which they speak. Each animal is a mystery; each poem expands on the strangeness of the mystery. Merging scientific evidence with speculative love stories, the poems are playful, insightful and ripe with reflections of our own animal selves. Young plays unabashedly with her readers’ erotic imaginations to hilarious and poignant effect. Muscular, exotic, dense, rich and elastic – these poems are miniature, wildlife docudramas.

Praise for Patricia Young

“As every poem in Patricia Young’s Summertime Swamp-Love bursts with crackerjack verbal velocity and the rapid-fire shifts in voice of a virtuoso ventriloquist it is difficult to single out a favourite poem but, my back against the wall, I will select “Wedding Duet” for its doo wop doo wop tenderness.” — Ruth Roach Pierson

“Young”s poetic voice, rich in linguistic foreplay, has arrived ripe to its subject.” — Winnipeg Free Press

“This book is funny and moving, shattering and hilarious, intelligent, deep and a swinging good time. With nimble skill and a pen that’s red in tooth and claw, Patricia Young makes us animal and makes us in love.” — Christine Lowther, The Goose

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Dimensions 21.6 × 14 × 1 cm




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