Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines


Open submissions will ONLY be accepted and read from January 1st to March 31st of each year. Currently looking for literary fiction. We are NOT accepting short story collections, children’s poetry / picture books or poetry chapbooks at this time. All unsolicited manuscripts submitted outside the time frame will be put in the recycle pile, a worse fate than the dreaded slush pile. We get over 400 submissions last year and only publish 9 books a year. Poetry collections should be between 70 and 100 pages. Nonfiction and fiction have no page requirement. Although you do not need to be published in book form, you must have been published substantially in literary journals. If you are sending poetry, please query jim(at) with a sample first. If you are sending fiction, please query aimee(at) with a brief description of the work and short sample (No more than 4 pages). Include a cover letter and a list of publications. We do accept multiple submissions, but ask that you let us know if the MS has been accepted by another publisher immediately. We DO accept work from non-Canadians, but you must query first.

Palimpsest Press highly encourages women, writers of colour, Indigenous writers, members of the LGTBQ2S community, and deaf/writers with disabilities to submit. We value your stories and are proud to publish them.

It is our goal to publish high-quality editions that are widely distributed. We are only interested in working with authors who will work cooperatively in the promotion of their work. The daunting job creating an audience cannot be done alone. We expect authors to network on their own behalf and on ours, and we will do the same. The tasks of setting up readings, interviews, and sending out review copies will be shared.

We want to work with poets who value craft and write with authentic voices. We also want writers who are dedicated to the process, involved, and understand the venture that we are undertaking. If you think you are one of these people, we would enjoy reading and considering your manuscript.

If you get the go-ahead please send the entire manuscript in hard copy to:

Palimpsest Press
1171 Eastlawn Ave.
Windsor, ON.
N8S 3J1

Please note that it might take up to six months for a response. It takes time to read the manuscripts carefully and in full. More information may be solicited from you during this time. If you don’t hear anything from us after six months, please email a kind note asking us to hurry the hell up!