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STALIN’S CARNIVAL, Steven Heighton


Reissue of the 1990 Gerald Lampert Award winner with a new foreword by Ken Babstock

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Steven Heighton

ISBN-13: 978-1-926794-14-3
$18.00 CDN / $16.00 US | Trade Paperback
June 2013

At the heart of Steven Heighton’s acclaimed first book, Stalin’s Carnival, lies a group of powerful poems that examines the transformation of Josef Stalin from romantic and political poet to notorious dictator. This remarkable sequence is framed by two others: the first a suite of highly physical poems that embrace, through form and content, the human body and ideas of order; and the second which explores dissolution and entropy, and the eros that redeems them. This reissue of the 1990 Gerald Lampert Award winner has been revised by Heighton and includes his preface, as well as an introduction by Ken Babstock.

Praise for Stalin’s Carnival

A collection of very powerful poems—Irving Layton

In Stalin’s Carnival and The Ecstasy of Skeptics, Heighton introduced a new basis into Canadian poetry: an approach to traditional formal rigour that was entirely original and personal. It became the seed of what in the new Canadian poetry is most truly experimental and restlessly seeking—a creative fusion of perception, emotion, and form. In this new edition, we welcome back the invigorating dynamism of this book, and its plunge into the loving struggle of human beings with their fate, political and elemental.—A. F. Moritz, 2009 Griffin Poetry Prize Winner

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