All Manner of Tackle: Living with Poetry


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In All Manner of Tackle, Brian Bartlett—one of Atlantic Canada’s finest poets —brings together a selection of his literary prose from the past twenty-five years.

Brian Bartlett

ISBN-13: 978-1-926794-61-7
$19.95 CDN / $18.95 US | Trade Paperback
October 2017

All Manner of Tackle brings together a selection of Brian Bartlett’s literary prose from the past three decades. One of Atlantic Canada’s finest poets, Bartlett has published reflections on poetry in a panoply of forms, including essays, reviews, journals, memoirs, tributes, columns, introductions, and interviews. All Manner of Tackle celebrates the Canadian poetry and poets he considers indispensible (including P.K. Page, Robert Bringhurst and Elizabeth Bishop), offering meticulous and in-depth readings that track poetry’s relationship to everything from mass culture to philosophy to the environment. As much memoir as it is criticism, All Manner of Tackle is a book that keeps “a few kernels of faith in poetry as something that blazes trails rather than just doggedly follow[s] them.”

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