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Thirty years of essays, reviews, and interviews by celebrated Newfoundland poet Mary Dalton.

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Mary Dalton

ISBN-13: 978-1-926794-27-3
$19.95 CDN / $18.95 US | Trade Paperback
October 2015

Edge collects thirty years of essays, reviews, and interviews by celebrated Newfoundland poet Mary Dalton. Driven by a need to reconfigure how the margin is seen in literature, culture and politics, Dalton explores the work of writers and artists who occupy an imaginative threshold or edge: from the dark visions of Samuel Beckett to the dialogue novels of I. Compton-Burnett, from the apocalyptic Boatman paintings of fellow artist Gerald Squires to the vernacular poetry of John Steffler. Showcasing a use of language as vivid, precise, and supple as that in Dalton’s award-winning poetry, Edge reflects the range of a major Canadian poet’s interests and influences and celebrates what she calls “people being grounded in their place, people knowing where they were, who they were, having a sense of connection to the land.”

Praise for Edge

Dalton’s lifelong work is not yet done on the edge (and in the centre) of writing culture; the multiplicity of her writing on culture, art, literature, language, and community makes Edge a genially obstreperous archive unabashed in its love for cultural creation and equally, and importantly, disdainful of artistic pretence.—Tanis MacDonald, The Malahat Review

…there is a thorough exploration of Newfoundland’s spoken culture, its suppression and renewal by varied figures, including [Dalton] herself, while ruminating on the edge between margin and centre.—Simon Vigneault, Atlantic Books Today

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