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THE ELEVATOR, Priya Ramsingh

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A romance for the real world.

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Priya Ramsingh

ISBN-13: 978-1-990293-81-8
$21.95 CDN / $20.95 US | Trade Paperback
October 2024

Aria Ramdeen is learning to love herself—and her favourite foods—again. No guilt, no toxic boyfriend. Full of newfound confidence, she subscribes to LoveInTO, a Toronto-based dating website, where she’s matched with a crush she’s had for years: the attractive light-haired man who lives in her building. Aria messages him on the app, but there’s no response, leaving her crushed and embarrassed.  Rob Anderson, who’s recently divorced, secretly admires Aria. He just lacks the confidence to approach her. And since he’s let his LoveInTo subscription lapse, he doesn’t see Aria’s message. Suddenly, Aria seems guarded when they run into one another, and the pair endure months of long, awkward silence together in the elevator. Until one day, Rob decides to give the dating app another chance and subscribes again.

A fresh and entertaining modern romance seen through the eyes of two people who still believe in happily ever after, despite the pitfalls of modern dating technology, well-meaning advice from friends and family, and eating disorders. The Elevator will leave readers feeling hopeful and wanting to fall in love again.

Praise for The Elevator

The Elevator is a romance for the real world—Aria and Rob share a look and an attraction, but their lives are complicated, and connection doesn’t come easy. The world doesn’t pause for a look, though they—and we—wish it would. The Elevator is a warm, thoughtful, realistic novel of all the things that hold us back from love—everything from trauma and tough parents to bad timing—but also the kind friends, humour, and hamburgers that sustain us in the search for a partner. Love comes for Rob and Aria the way it does for most of us—in the middle of everything else.— Rebecca Rosenblum, These Days are Numbered, So Much Love

In The Elevator, Ramsingh crafts a poignant portrayal of the weariness of the modern dating world, steeped with missed opportunities, misguided intimacy, and a complex relationship with food. Brimming with vivid sensory details, Ramsingh centers a cast of characters both earnest and vulnerable in this engaging, compulsively readable story.—Deepa Rajagopalan, Peacocks of Instagram

Priya Ramsingh’s superpower as a novelist is the ability to create authentic and empathetic characters. She did it with Brown Girl in the Room and now with The Elevator. I found myself rooting for Aria and Rob. I cringed as they tried to navigate the world of dating apps, agonized over bad dates and self doubt and then I eagerly awaited the next chance encounter. — Scott Colby, best-selling author and opinion page editor at the Toronto Star


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