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HARD ASS, Sharon McCartney

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A daring and bold collection, filled with passion and anger

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Sharon McCartney

ISBN-13: 978-1-926794-13-6
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May 2013

Hard Ass is a daring and bold collection of poetry, filled with passion and anger. McCartney skillfully hones her craft, yet the poet’s confessional voice feels raw and honest as if she merely purged her words onto the page. Using weightlifting as a metaphor to explore the poet’s inner world and her romantic attachments, McCartney both reinforces and undermines the transcendence of love.

Praise for Hard Ass

McCartney’s poetic voice is direct, confessional, and, at times, philosophical, examining the nuances of family dynamics, romance, friendship, and illness. These lyric narratives are structured in single-stanza bursts of emotion and infused with plenty of raw vulnerability… These poems explore a romance with directness and emotional punch—Quill and Quire

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