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Four Palimpsest Titles Reviewed in The Goose

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Four Palimpsest Titles Reviewed in The Goose

Although we’re in the midst of winter, these Palimpsest poetry titles are hot hot hot. Still haven’t had a chance to read them? Check out these reviews in The Goose – and even better, pick up or order copies of each book so you can read them yourself!

Patricia Young’s Summertime Swamp Love is reviewed by Christine Lowther: “This book is funny and moving, shattering and hilarious, intelligent, deep and a swinging good time.” What more incentive do you need to kickstart a little heat?

Kelly Shepherd, in his review of Yvonne Blomer’s As If a Raven, writes, “With both a mythopoetic imagination and a naturalist’s eye, Blomer reminds us that birds are metaphors and ideas and more: in her poetry they are creators, angels, omens, people.”

Gillian Harding-Russell reviews Ruth Roach Pierson’s Realignment and Ariel Gordon’s Stowaways. Of Realignment, Harding-Russell praises the collection’s experiential and emotional revelations: “Although these poems breathe the air of living rooms with pianos, draw inspiration from film and painting, nature is uncovered at a base layer of the poet’s experience and simple joy or sorrow.

Harding-Russell also focuses on Gordon’s sense of humour and wit: “With its freshness of metaphor and crazy juxtapositions, its ironic and often comic twists in narrative, Stowaways is a collection that will hold readers’ eyes and play with their wits to the end.” And, bonus, a new poem by Gordon, “Gory,” is published in the same issue.