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Anomia All Lit Up July Book Club Read!

Anomia All Lit Up July Book Club Read!

We’re thrilled that the All Lit Up team has chosen Anomia as their July book club read! This features an interview with publisher Aimee Parent Dunn, an interview with Jade Wallace and a book club response!

“Writer and poet Jade Wallace has pulled off an impressive feat in Anomia: it’s a novel without any gendered pronouns. Indeed, in Euphoria, the small, rural community that serves as the setting of Wallace’s novel, characters bear names like Fir or Mal – and we focus instead on their personalities, and the way they carry themselves in town and with their neighbours. But Anomia is more than the skillful execution of a writerly challenge: it’s a beautiful, heart-rending novel about love, friendship, and loneliness, with a little bit of mystery in the mix.”

So far, the interview with Aimee is posted. Read it here! 

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