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Happy Tenth Anniversary to Publisher Aimee Parent Dunn!


Happy Tenth Anniversary to Publisher Aimee Parent Dunn!


Ten years ago, on April 1st, Aimée became the publisher of Palimpsest Press. We are thrilled to acknowledge Aimée’s extraordinary success as a publisher. She is hard-working, dedicated, passionate and caring. Her generosity is constant and her love of curating, editing and publishing ‘beautiful poetry and fresh, innovative literature’ is inspiring! Palimpsest Press has grown in success with Aimée at the helm.

With over 40 literary awards to date, and the creation of Ansthruther Books, a poetry imprint with Jim Johnstone, Palimpsest Press is one of Canada’s leading independent publishers. Aimée’s leadership and knowledge continues to make an impact on the publishing landscape, especially through her zeal for the curation and publication of books written by authors with disabilities.

To learn more about the history of Palimpsest Press, read this article published on All Lit Up Canada!

Thank you, Aimee!