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The Malahat Review – Book Review of Swans

The Malahat Review – Book Review of Swans

Thank you Shauna Grace Andrews and The Malahat Review team for reviewing Michelle Brown’s collection of poetry Swans. It’s so meaningful and encouraging when a book review comes in! We appreciate it! And, what a stellar review it is! The full review can be found in the Autumn 2023 edition of the lit mag. Here are some highlights…

“Brown’s nostalgic and wistful writing style fearlessly captures the essence of yearning, reflection, and momentum, and each poem simultaneously echoes a sense of past, present, and future as they meld together, creating a resonant story within a story.”

“Although Swans dives into the dark and unruly territory of being a youth, supported by a guilt complex that is intensified by being a woman, there is a mischievousness to Brown’s verse that feels giddy, light‐hearted, and precious.”

“For those who appreciate raw, sour, yet featherlight works, Swans will undoubtedly prove to be a delicious experience.”

Review by Shauna Grace Andrews