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Robert Colman Interview on Open Book Ontario

Robert Colman Interview on Open Book Ontario

Many thanks to Open Book Ontario for their interview with poet Robert Colman about his new collection, Ghost Work.

“In this profound and personal suite of poems, Colman delves into the experience of a son gradually losing his father to dementia, using a range of techniques to capture the depth of emotion that someone feels while watching someone they love lose their memory and sense of self. 

The collection is both a tribute to a lost family member, and an important meditation on the fragility of human bodies and minds. These poems illustrate the significance of familial connections, and hint at the broader social concerns that orbit those suffering from illness, and those who care for them.”

Join Robert at his book launch on Thursday, February 29, 2024, in Toronto, with Barbara Tran and Shawna Lemay.

Read the full interview HERE!

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