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Arjun Bedi’s Book Launch Celebration

Arjun Bedi’s Book Launch Celebration

Congratulations to Arjun Bedi on a fantastic book launch for his debut novel The Blood of Five Rivers. Joined by award-winning author Anuja Varghese and hosted by author/editor Jamie Tennant, the celebration at Type Books (Junction) garnered a great crowd. A dynamic question and answer conversation ensued and all were warmed with inspiration and a love of storytelling!

From an early age Arjun has been motivated most by curiosity. Striving to know as much about as many things as possible, his curiosity has led him down a variety of paths, donning all colours of collars, from working in construction, to being an infantry reservist, to a university teaching assistant, to working as a consultant on Bay Street, and even down the treacherous road of entrepreneurship. The only constant through it all is an enduring passion for writing.

In his work he attempts to unify his eclectic experiences into stories that illuminate those aspects of the human condition that often go ignored, and to provoke thought about those topics we prefer not to think about.

Read The Blood of Fiver Rivers today!