Michael Trussler wins two Saskatchewan Book Awards!

Michael Trussler wins two Saskatchewan Book Awards!

Congratulations to Michael Trussler!!! The Sunday Book won two awards at the Saskatchewan Book Awards: Non fiction and City of Regina.

 “Michael Trussler invites us into the unfathomable complexity of being human. The Sunday Book reminds us of the depth and breadth of a genre-encompassing memoir, drawing together documentary, poetry, and everything in between. With what seems like ease, Trussler expands on what a memoir can achieve despite its slim volume and on the multifaceted definition of humanity as we race closer to our own demise. This book is a must-read for writers eager to advance their craft and readers who want to better understand how to live in a world tinged by despair. These essays offer a masterful, humble exploration that resonates long after you put the collection”— Non-fiction Awards jurors Hollay Ghadery, Shaun Hunter, Mathew Stepanich

“Michael Trussler’s memoir in essays, The Sunday Book, offers unique insights into the “simultaneity” of historical and contemporary events. He ponders what it means “to conceive of the Holocaust in the twenty-first century.” Told through the lens of NLVD (non-verbal learning disorder), a developmentally-based disorder with which Trussler was diagnosed in adulthood, the essays-some in fragments that ultimately come together in articulate discontinuity-are a call to gratitude and humility.—City of Regina book Award jurors Alan Teder, Betty Jane Hegerat, Baijayanta Mukhopadhyay


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