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Spring title availability and fall book pre-orders

Spring title availability and fall book pre-orders

Hi everyone,

Aimee Dunn (publisher) here again to give you a quick update on the availability of our Spring and Fall  books. We are so appreciative of all the online sales we’ve been receiving though the website and we are working diligently to process and ship out our books as they arrive from the printers! Due to Covid-19, we’re only hitting the post office once a week, so please be aware that there might be a slight delay in receiving your books.

The following books are now available to order:
David Ly’s Mythical Man
Theresa Kishkan’s The Weight of the Heart
Robert Colman’s Democratically Applied Machine
Dorothy Mahoney’s Ceaseless Rain

Andrew Dubois’s Start to Figure  is now at the printer and we expect copies the first week in August.

Fall poetry is now up for pre-order:

Klara du Plessis’s Hell Light Flesh
David Huebert’s Humanimus

Fall fiction and non-fiction will be available for pre-order by August 1st. Check back again for Sadiqa de Meijer’s Alfabet/Alphabet and G.A. Grisenthwaite’s Home Waltz.

Thank you for your continued support of authors and small presses!