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Reviews of Ruth Roach Pierson’s Realignment

Reviews of Ruth Roach Pierson’s Realignment

The current issues of ARC and The Malahat Review both include strong reviews of Ruth Roach Pierson’s Realignment.

In The Malahat Review, Dean Steadman praises how the book “moves beyond its autobiographical content to demonstrate the mind’s capacity to interact with poetry (and with art in general) to illuminate even our darkest and most painful recollections.”

Steadman continues:

“At its core, this is a book intent on showing how poetry’s connotative language (metaphor, symbolism, allusion, etc.) works to reveal a different kind of truth than that grounded in the denotative, fact-naming language of our everyday speech and thought processes.”

Read the full review here.

And in ARC (Issue 80), Al Rempel articulates how Ruth Roach Pierson “gently turns over an event, an idea, a piece of art or a word in her hand like you would an apple, to to admire its beauty, to anticipate its taste, to follow its poetic possibilities.”

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