Thoughts on Things Collection


Palimpsest Press is offering two philosophical books in its “Thought on Things Collection.”

Shawna Lemay’s Calm Things (2008): A collection of meditations on what it is like to live with still life, and to live poetically. Both an insider’s glimpse into the precarious world of artist and poet, and a long gaze at objects and the calm and silence they hold, these essays prize the ordinary, radiant gift of common things.

Aislinn Hunter’s A Peepshow with Views of the Interior (2009): These essays, in their experimental form, use the lyric to address our understanding of objects in the material world: a 17th century peepshow, Heidegger’s jug, a lock of Wordsworth’s hair, Charlotte Brontë’s clock, birds in a natural history museum, and books themselves. Taken together they investigate the degree to which we can understand or know the material world and the manner in which language, writing and writers seek to evoke and celebrate it. What these essays ultimately offer is a guided tour through the gap between subjective perception and the thing itself.

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